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The majority of our students, faculty, and staff can reset their passwords now. To begin, click the reset password now link below. Key technology systems are immediately available after password reset including Canvas, District Employee Portal, Maricopa Help Desk, and others. Remember to use YourMEID@maricopa.edu.

Reset Password Now

IMPORTANT: If you did not have your cell phone and/or personal email on file as of March 16, you will need to follow our process for ID verification. Live chat is available Mon and Wed 8am - 4pm, Tues and Thurs 9am - 6pm, and Fri 10am - 4pm. We are closed for all observed holidays.

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Our Process
  • Initiate The Chat

    Start a chat session by clicking the chat bubble at the bottom right hand portion of the browser window.

  • Verify Identity

    Remotely verify your identity with our agents by joining a Webex video conference with a link the agent shares with you.

  • Reset Your Password

    Once verified, the Maricopa IDME agent will update your profile information to allow you complete the self-service password reset process.

Agent Verification Process

To begin chatting with an agent, simply select the chat bubble at the lower right hand portion of the webpage.

While chat volume is high, we will work to provide you great service as quickly as possible. To make sure you are ready for the agent have the following ready:

  • Maricopa ID Number (MEID)
  • Your State or Government Issued ID
  • Know the personal email you want to use
  • Have your cell phone number handy

Our Colleges

Get support from your local College help desk.

Chandler-Gilbert Community College

Please call us at 480-732-7025.

GateWay Community College

Please call us at 602-286-8411.

Glendale Community College

Please call us at 623-845-3555.

Mesa Community College

Please call us at 480-461-7217.

Paradise Valley Community College

Please call us at 602-787-7780.

Phoenix College

Please call us at 602-285-7200.

Scottsdale Community College

Please call us at 480-423-6274 (Option 3).

South Mountain Community College

Please call us at 602-243-8324.

District Office

Please call us at 480-731-8632.


Below you will find some of our most frequently asked questions.

Securing Your Account

We know security measures can sometimes be inconvenient but it is important that we keep your data and account access secure. Most users will be able to quickly and easily reset their password using the self-service password reset tool.

If you did not have your cell phone and/or personal email on file as of March 16, you may initiate a chat session right now to go through our quick and easy identity verification process. Click the chat bubble at the bottom right portion of your screen to get started.

My account is locked, how do I get back in?

Student, faculty, and staff account passwords have been deactivated as a security precaution in order to secure and protect your account and data.

How do I reset my password to restore my access?

You can use self service password reset (SSPR) tool to reset your password.

Click here to reset your password now.

What are the password requirements?

  • Your new password must be at least 12 characters.
  • It may not contain commonly used words (you will be prompted if this is an issue during reset).
  • It must include characters from 3 of 4 categories (uppercase, lowercase, digits, and non-alphanumeric).
  • The users first, middle, or last name shall not appear in the password, and, number substitutes (i.e., using a 3 instead of an E) are not allowed.
  • It may not contain your MEID, sequential characters/digits (e.g. 123, abc, etc.) or repeating characters/digits (e.g., 111, aaa, etc.).
  • Also, your previous 10 passwords may not be used.

What if I can't use the tool because I don't have information on file?

If you did not have your cell phone and/or personal email on file as of March 16, you will need to participate in our ID verification process. Don't worry, we have made it very easy.

Simply initiate a chat session at the bottom right of the screen by selecting the chat bubble and you can begin your session with an agent.

Then, once your ID has been verified, an agent will be able to assist with the password change.

I am interested in getting a status update. How can I do that?

We have made getting status updates easy through our self-service mechanism.

Use this System Status link.

Do you have additional guides available?

Maricopa has put together guides and reference materials to support anywhere computing processes across Maricopa Community Colleges.

These quick start guides (QSGs) and reference materials provide a fast start on a variety of technology topices and needs that may be of interest. View Guides